BIRDS – wall stickers

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These silly little birds add a great finishing touch to every child's room.

They can also be a fun and cute reward system for the little ones! Make it a game and help your child add a new Bird to their wall when they complete a task or improve their behaviour.


The set includes 3 sheets (A5) with 5 bird stickers each and a 2 m long strip (for the birds to "sit" on) as well as instructions. Every bird is different!



1. Plan well ahead where you want to place your Birds (any flat clean surface should do. Recently painted walls should be completely dried - 2 weeks minimum). 

2. Before applying stickers, dust the area with a soft, dry cloth. 

3. Stick the black strip to the wall carefully bit by bit. It might help to mark the place you want it to be with a pencil.

4. Gently peel a Bird sticker from the paper sheet - watch out for legs and wings because they can be torn off - and stick it wherever you want on the cleared surface.

5. Smooth the stickers again with a soft, dry cloth.

6. If you want a smoother finish, you can use a hair dryer.