CHARM – board game

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It is a widely know fact that princesses don t cook. Except if there is a noble cause – or maybe a person – for whom they will do anything. As it happens, there lived a prince in the realm, who made the hearts of all the princesses go all fluttery in their royal chests with his impeccable gallantry and good looks. He was a prince worth cooking for. The princesses tried everything to seduce him...but nothing seemed to have any effect, neither their charming personalities nor their beautiful tempting smiles. Finally they came to the conclusion that there was no other choice but to use magic.


from 6 years

for 2 to 4 players

duration: 20 minutes

size: box 21 x 21 cm, game board/box 20 x 20 cm, ingredients 2,5 cm

contents: 1 game board/box, 4 princesses, 32 discs, 1 dice